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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Clark Gable

It's taken me more than several days to post an update on Clark.  Unfortunately the update I have is not good news.  Last Saturday, Clark was at his weekend foster mommy's house and was doing great - eating up a storm,  had a nice bath, crawling around and made a home movie - not bad for a two week old kitten.

But this past Monday, he took a turn for the worse.  He was great at his 5:30PM feeding but at 8:00PM, he had really bad diarrhea and was laying on his side in distress.  We rushed him to VSH (Veterinarian Specialty Hospital), which has a top notch emergency clinic.

He was in such distress and was arresting and it wasn't fair to make him suffer.  I wanted them to move heaven and earth to save him, but it wouldn't have saved him, it would have only prolonged his suffering.  All of the vets that saw him there agreed that the best thing to do was to put Clark to sleep.  It is always such a hard decision to make - even if it's the right thing to do - because we want so much to save them all.  After holding and kissing him, we provided consent.  We requested a necropsy but so far, it is inconclusive; we are now waiting for the results of the cultures.

This is our last picture of Clark.  He's at VSH and the tube is oxygen - he's too small to wear a mask.

I love this little guy.  So much loss lately, with his siblings and then him.  Thought for sure he would make it, even though I knew the odds were stacked against him.

And there goes another piece of my heart.  Shattered.

Rest in peace my darling Clark.   You were very much loved and you are very much missed.

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Katie Isabella said...

It completely totally breaks my heart.