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Friday, November 9, 2012

Mistletoe Market

We've made it into the gift giving holiday season, and what better way to give a gift than to shop where your proceeds go to a charity?
Alley Cats and Angels has a booth at the

 We will have handmade cat toys with organic catnip - it drives the kitties wild! Be sure to ask about the new types that crinkle!! 

Dobby's testing out the kickers. In case you were wondering, Dobby IS available for adoption. 

Here are some pictures of the very latest and greatest catnip toys. Look at all those fun shapes! Can't you just imagine your kitty flipping and pouncing on these wonton toys all afternoon?
Catnip Wontons - with jingly bells!

 Flippy little catnip mice with rope tails

These classic squares are always a favorite, and one of our best bargains.

Here is the Havana Kicker - kitties just love to dig their teeth in one end and bunny kick the other end with their feet in the air. Entertainment for the whole family.

Squeeee! The new Fortune Cookie style toy is super cute.

Looking for economy or smaller toys for the little kittens? These 5 packs of catnip knots are pure organic catnip filling, no stuffing. Most cats like to just carry these around or roll on them for a catnippy good time.

 These fun Jellyfish toys have exciting ribbons for your cat to twirl and chase.

 Check out the exciting new Crinkle Kickers! They rustle enticingly when kitty pokes at them.

And just in time for icy cold weather, these fleece Purr Pad sleeping mats will keep kitty and your upholstery happy!

Here's another example of some of the cute things you could get at the Mistletoe Market. These cute hats were donated for our fundraiser booth.
Here's a cute cloche style in  autumn colors

 This bright cotton hat is child sized and would make a great holiday gift.

If you need a little more panache, this lacy crocheted beret might be just your style.

Come on out from 9am to 4pm, at Wakefield High School to stock up on holiday gifts for family AND pets, or a little something for yourself.

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