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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A personal note on my feral kitty

I lost my Katie Lou on Sunday.  Katie Lou is one of the cats I freed from an animal control trap when I lived in Apex (which is a crime by the way - not living in Apex, but freeing a cat from an animal control trap). Katie Lou was very feral but came to live with me and when it was time to move from the townhouse, Princess Marie had to come catch her and put her in a carrier for the move. Slowly - v
ery slowly, as it took almost 6 years, Katie Lou eventually approached me and let me slightly touch her head for a couple of seconds once in a while. But I couldn't move fast or try to approach her because she would get scared and run. We had to retrap or corner Katie Lou in the house each year when it was time for her vaxes, but recently, I was finally able to put flea meds on her without issue (a big feat for a semi-feral cat).

Wee hours of Saturday night/Sunday morning, I was sitting on my bed and the bedroom light and the hall lights were on and Katie Lou was sitting about 10 feet away. I could only see a big red spot where there shouldn't have been one and it didn't look good. Tried for several hours to catch her without totally freaking her out but to no avail. Sunday morning Marie came over and we caught Katie Lou and she was seen by Dr. Heather, a mobile vet we know who was kind enough to see her on a Sunday.

Katie Lou had a mammary tumor that became necrotic and was put to sleep on Sunday. I am so sad because I wonder how long she's been hurting. And I feel like I failed her because because I couldn't get close to her to see that something was wrong - except for the few seconds here and there when she would come near me. My only consolation is that Katie Lou had seven good years with me that she would not have had if she had been taken by animal control. And she loved the cats at my house and would snuggle up with them and they would wash each other's heads. And she loved Temptation kitty treats so I always made sure I put extra treats under the bed when it was treat time (that's where she would hide).

Katie Lou, I love you.

And thank you Marie for dropping everything and helping me and Katie. I really appreciate it.


Random Felines said...

We are so sorry for your loss. Safe Journey over the Bridge Katie Lou. And please don't beat yourself up....sometimes the best we can do it provide safety and love them from afar.

meowmeowmans said...

Oh Tia, we're so incredibly sorry that your beloved Katie Lou had to go to the Bridge. It's clear that you loved her very much and very well, and for that we are thankful. It's also abundantly clear that she KNEW she was loved. Surely you did NOT let her down, dear friend.

Hugs, purrs and prayers to you.