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Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekend Update

No adoption events this weekend - it's the one weekend a month we don't have any events.

Hopefully we'll be able to start trapping at the maximum security prison in town this weekend.  We've finally gotten approval from the warden (thankfully one of the guards that works there was one of the guards that worked at the minimum security prison where we did the project a few years ago and put in some good words for us).

There's so much inbreeding in the prison colony that the kittens being born are deformed and this makes us want to cry.  We have permission to TNR the cats so there will be no more babies.  We picked up two kittens (approximately 4.5 months) from a gentleman who works maintenance at the prison.  He had taken them home a few weeks ago.  Both of them are either blind or have very limited vision and they both have somewhat deformed back legs.  He said the male kitten tries to play and run around but the female kitten is very lethargic. They are at the vet right now.  Dr. T. will take good care of them and let us know the right thing to do for these babies.

Although trapping at a maximum security prison that houses death row isn't the same as trapping at a minimum security prison.  It's a bit intimidating.  And we also have to be very careful about what we bring.  At the minimum security facility, we could bring in cans of cat food, plastic spoons, etc.  At this one, we'll need to put the canned food into baggies and cut paper plates into pieces to put food on and not aluminum foil.  Only small baggies, no large bags, no utensils, nothing sharp, etc.  Wish us luck. And courage!

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Random Felines said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!! So glad you are going to get this colony fixed. purrs to the kittens too. Is the prison caring for the colony?