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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Adoption Update

Due to rescue, work (the paying job!), and ailing parents, I am absent from the blog a lot lately.  I try to keep up on the blogs I follow (waiting for dinner - read a blog!), but don't always have time to post comments on the blogs or post updates. 

The following cats have been adopted since the last update posted on the blog:

November 2 update
What an AMAZING weekend for the cats with eleven adoptions this weekend. The following were adopted: Marquee, Professor Plum, Juniper and Lavern (together), Leela, Amy Poehler, Jane Doe, Milo, Nefertiti, and Cheesesteak and Lark together. 

November 9 update
A little slower of a week for kitty adoptions - but we're happy that two precious kitties were adopted this week. Sweet Bell was adopted on Monday and Zucchini was adopted today. 

45 more kitties to find forever homes before year end in order to meet our goal of "forever homes for 75 cats before 2014"

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meowmeowmans said...

WOOT! That is a lot of adoptions! Congratulations to all the kitties and their families. And big thanks to you, Alley Cats and Angels. What amazing and important work you do. :)