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Friday, January 29, 2016

Silly kitties

We post plenty of adorable photos of cats and kittens being sweet and calm. But do you see the ones being just a little off the wall?

Here's Cocoa Puff, who looooooooves to be brushed and get his belly rub. Apparently it just melts his brain, according to this picture. 

Caroline is a sweet girl who really enjoys time with her toys. She has one of our jellyfish toys and a square kicker, both available in our store

Poinsettia adores the feather wand, but it helps to keep it low down since she's only got 3 legs and sometimes she falls down reaching for it. 

Odessa likes to play a lot more since her success with dieting. Hiding in a paper bag is great fun. 

All of these silly kitties are available for adoption and would love to come be sweet and silly for you. 

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