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Monday, December 15, 2008

Bath time...

...can be such hard work and result in a few scratches here and there. But when you get a picture like this -- it's worth it! Meet Puddin', a very small long-haired black kitten (with one white toe). I felt almost cruel as I laughed at him and made him pose for pictures. Now, he is truly one of the sweetest and cutest kittens we have, but if looks could kill.... See that face?! I'll have to get another picture of him when he's dry so everyone can see how cute he is. Puddin' was seventh in a line of ten cats that were bathed tonight. Gosh, we're tired!


Carol said...

Too cute. I just wanted to say that my two who were rescued by Alley Cats & Angels are, out of my five cats, the two sweetest cats that grace us with their presence. And in fact the most loving and smartest cats that have ever been in my family. Carol

Theresa said...

That picture is just sooo cute! I know Alley Cats & Angels take such good care of the cats and kittens they get. I only wish I were closer so that I could have adopted one from them. I went to the local SPCA and got very lucky and found a terrific cat. Rescue cats are the best! Theresa