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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seasons Greetings from a "Graduate" of Alley Cats and Angels

It's always nice to hear from "graduates" of Alley Cats and Angels. Meet Butterscotch. He was rescued from a feral colony with several other older kittens and was old enough (little over 4 months old when rescued) that he typically would have been TNR'd (trap/neuter/return) except the shopping center and restaurants where he lived where scheduled to be torn down. So Butterscotch and the others stayed with us because they did socialize well and become adoptable (if they were deemed unadoptable, we would have found a nice barn home for them - where they would have still been cared for, but hugs and kitty kisses wouldn't have been expected).
A wonderful lady and her two sons came by to meet the cats in hopes of adopting one or two and then came by every weekend until they were able to take the cats home. It was clear right away that they wanted Butterscotch but I thought they would also adopt Carrots. But Cinnamon (not pictured, she's a bit camera shy) picked them by walking over and curling up on one of the boy's lap. It was a perfect match. It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year since they were adopted by they are doing great. How could they not be - they were adopted by a great family that understood sometimes cats need a while to adjust and that shy cats will usually come out of their shell once they are in their forever home and adjust. Thank you to the H's for adopting these babies and taking such good care of them.

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