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Friday, February 6, 2009

Meet Coco

Coco wondered into someone's house through a pet door the wee hours of Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. She's only about seven weeks old and saved herself -- so we think that she has a high kitty IQ.

She looks black in the picture but she has some burgandy/auburn on her head and ears - almost a tortie. We'll be watching closely to see if the colors fade or if they stay.

Coca is shy and still somewhat wary of us big ol' humans (wouldn't you be - it's like a 6-month old baby looking up at Godzilla). She hisses and spits as you reach in to get her but gently burrito her in a towel to love her and she slowly relaxes.

We gave her a bath Wednesday evening because she was a stinky little girl and she smelled all nice and fresh. But when she gets a little scared, she hides in her itty bitty litter box (after all, she's an itty bitty girl), so it's only been two days and she doesn't smell quite so fresh anymore. But who can resist a baby, even one that's a little stinky?;-)

She didn't think much of the bath, the dewormer medicine or her first vaccine. But she likes having a food dish full of nutritious food. She's eating Science Diet Kitten mixed with some L-Lysine to boost her immune system. We tried telling her it's crunchy milk but she doesn't believe us. At first I thought the food might be too big for her but it was too late that night to get something smaller for her so I was going to crush it some, but she eats it just fine. Giving her a little bit of canned food also, but only a little because this baby girl is a little gas-bag. So not too much canned food because we don't want to upset her tum-tum, but do want to put a little bit of weight on her. She was wormy so that's probably why she's gassy, plus she's getting used to a new food. It should get better in a few days.

She'll adapt nicely and will probably be quite a lovebug by the time she's old enough for adoption, I'm sure. She's sitting very loosely wrapped in a towel on my lap right now with that motor going. She has nice loud purr for such a little girl.
Little Miss Coco did not want to sit still for pictures.

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