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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The tailless cats have arrived!!

Alley Cats and Angels was able to help a hoarding situation by taking in a few cats from that home. The Johnston County Animal Protection League (JCAPL) spearheaded the rescue effort and was able to remove 47 cats from the house. JCAPL found multiple rescue groups that could each take in some of the rescued cats and, of course, JCAPL is putting many of the cats into their adoption program also. Unfortunately with so many of the rescues groups full, not all cats could be pulled from the home. Alley Cats and Angels was originally not going to be able to take any because our foster homes are at capacity but this situation weighed so very heavily on our hearts and minds that we found room for a few of the cats. We would have liked to take in more, but are not able to at this time.

All of the cats in the hoarding situation are black, most of them manx (a few do have tails), and are of varying ages. I've never owned a manx cat or had a manx rescue. I love those little nubby tails - reminds me of my friend Debbie's rescued Boxers!

The cats absolutely reeked of cat pee and the smell was quite overwhelming. They were bathed last night and although were scared, did quite well. They have settled into the hall bathroom and will be scheduled for medical care as soon as we can get an appointment (we'll call Monday to make appointments). The older manx is quite friendly and very verbal (meows and cries non-stop). He (or she - I haven't looked yet) just wants out of the bathroom but I told him he can't until medical and quarantine is finished. They have a nice hidey bed and fleece throws in the tub and the rest of the bathroom for play. I'll go back in there in a bit and sit in the bathtub and give the cats love and visit with them. They don't seem to know what kitty treats are and just stare at them. Well, they'll get used to them. It's always treat time after cleaning time every day!

I could only get a picture -- albeit not a great one -- of the older manx. Guess I better determine sex quickly so we can name the cats!

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