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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meet the O's

We took in these kittens yesterday - they are so adorable, but then I've never seen an ugly cat or kitten (well maybe those Sphynx or Peterbald cats - those are actually ugly). It's suspected that some teenagers threw the mama cat to some dogs. These little guys and gal are safe now. Ophelia goes to the vet tomorrow because she most likely has an umbilical hernia. Poor baby girl, we'll get her all taken care of.

We've decided to name our kitten batches by theme or letter of the alphabet -- much eaiser that way. Ginny is fostering the singers, Karen is fostering the NCIS crew, Debbie is fostering the H's, Daryl Ann is fostering the M's, and Marie is fostering the O's. The kittens in Bahama aren't theme named. And the newest little kittens from PetSmart (the babies) don't have a theme or letter yet.

O'Malley (adoption pending spay/neuter surgery)




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