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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our newest babies

And I think this makes 36 kittens currently in our adoption program. There are applications in on 10 of them so far.

These little ones are absolutely precious but I can't believe how incredibly LOUD they are for such small babies. The kits are about 4 weeks old with two gray creme male tabbies (aka the twins), one solid gray male tabby, and one little tortie (female). They can't even quite manage Royal Canin Baby Kat 34 dry so we soak it in water for the kits. We also make them a mix of canned kitten food, some NutriCal, and a little bit of water. OMG, it's amazing how messy these little ones are -- they are so messy, they get a mini-bath after each canned food feeding session. :-)

No names yet, they go to a foster home tomorrow and the foster will name the kittens.

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