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Friday, May 7, 2010

Newest kittens from last night

We received a call last night about two kittens found in an attic in a house being remodeled.  It's possible mama cat was moving them to or from the attic when the workmen left for the day and these kittens got locked in.  Thankfully the owners heard the kittens. These two little gems are about two weeks old.  The "cow" kitten is just fine. 

The primarily black (some white) kitten has upper eyelid agenesis -- meaning he has no upper eyelids.  At only two weeks old, his eyes are ulcerated because he has no eyelids to protect his corneas.   This little one will be going into Animal Eye Care next week to see how to proceed.  In some cases, it's treated with artificial tear ointment twice daily, or removal of the offending hairs in conjunction with artificial tear ointment.  Severe cases typically require surgery to create an eyelid (often cryogencially created).  Sometimes treatment is a combination of several of the above.  It's possible this little guy is already blind in one eye. We won't know until he is seen next week at Animal Eye Care.

Cute times two!!

I mean how cute is this??

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meowmeowmans said...

Wow, they are cute. I'm so glad they were found, and that they're with you now! I'd never heard about the cryogenically created eyelids before. Really fascinating.