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Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday's Barn Relo

We relocated six cats to a property near Castalia Saturday.  These are six of the trailer park (first trailer park) cats.  Some feral, some semi-feral, some with "potential" and one friendly guy with a blind eye.  The relocation went well and the new caregiver emailed me yesterday to thank me for the "vicious ferals" (haha!!) as he's covered in cat hair because the bad eye kitty was sitting in his lap.  Of course I knew he would be ok with a friendly or two otherwise we would have sent only the ferals.   So bad eye kitty is most likely  moving into the farm house with access to the outside via a doggie door (access to outside after he gets acclimated).  I think kitty will be very happy.   And we are so happy for such a wonderful barn home. 

We've checked in with the last four barn relos we did in April and all of the cats are doing great.

Thank you to all of our barn cat "owners".  You gave a new and safe life to cats that otherwise would have no chance at all. 

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