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Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Update

Whew....what a busy weekend - we're all still tired!  We had the Santa photo fundraiser on Saturday and Sunday and adoption event Saturday and Sunday. 

We sold 54 Santa photos and 7 cats were adopted this weekend.  Of the 7 cats adopted, 3 were adults (over 1 year old).  How cool is that?!  Cats adopted were: Suzie, Charmaine, Rhett and Ashley together, Ashie (adult!), Love Muffin (adult), and Mercy (adult!).

Some of our adoptive parents brought their babies by for Santa photos and Xerox was among them.  Xerox was my foster for quite some time and captured a really big piece of my heart.  I remember getting the email about a small kitten that had been scrounging through garbage for weeks and finally someone caught him in a trap and emailed local rescue groups saying he was in a trap on their front porch, so come and get him as it was going to snow later that day.  That poor little boy was starving and emaciated and sickly when we took him in and because of his health, he took a while to nurse back to good health so it was quite awhile after intake before he could be adopted.  But he is doing great and I was so happy to see him.  He now weighs 9 pounds - chunky little bugger!  I was so happy to see his adoptive mom and Xerox and after talking with her yesterday, it just reinforces the fact that this was THE PERFECT match!  Here's Xerox giving "paws up" approval on having his picture taken with Santa!

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Tamago said...

I am glad Xerox is rescued and have a wonderful family now. I love his photo with Santa!