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Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo documentary of TNR process, spay days, and other info

Local artist and photographer, Elizabeth Ruffing, accompanied one of our TNR Task Force Leaders on one of our TNR projects.  We work on so many TNR projects, but unfortunately when you're trapping there's not much of an opportunity to take pictures so it was fantastic that Elizabeth was able to get so many pictures of the trapping process and the release process. 

This colony has approximately 20 cats and is located on private property and cared for by a senior on fixed income.  The set of cats trapped in this photo-documentary were trapped for the local Operation Catnip and because the caregiver is on a very fixed income, Alley Cats and Angels made the requested donation per cat to Operation Catnip so our caregiver does not have to take money of the cat food fund.  Feeding that many cats can be expensive.  We will continue TNRing the cats at this colony through our Alter an Alley Cat spay/neuter assistance program voucher pgoram and spay days.

We've also includes some pictures of our spay days.

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Admiral Hestorb said...

This was excellent and it was fascinating and very informative! I loved every line and you all are angels.