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Friday, March 25, 2011

Quite an assortment!

We have a mama and babies that came to us last week when the babies were only about 3 days old.  All but one baby is polydactyl on all four paws (mama is poly on all four also), and at least one of the kittens has 7 toes on each front foot.  Two of the kittens are manxs.  So, with all those toes - we call them muppet paws, we decided to name them after the muppets.  Unfortunately, there aren't that many female muppets and we thought naming mama Miss Piggy was just plain mean so we took some of the male muppet names and repurposed them as unisex names for our babies.  We'll be clipping claws this weekend - and there are lots and lots of them to clip. 

And the names are:
  • Mama: Fozzie Bear
  • Orange manx (the only one that is not polydactyl): Kermit
  • Orange regular tail - polydactyl: Beaker
  • Calico - polydactyl: Abby Cadaddy
  • Black and white manx - polydactyl: Sweetums
  • Black and white regular tail - polydactyl: Snuffaluffagus 
 Such a good and very protective mama cat

Let's make a break for it.  Well, not really, these babies aren't really moving around on their own yet.  We posed them for pictures.

Lookit the little nubbie tail!  There's also an orange one with the same barely there tail (orange manx is only kitten that is not polydactyl)

Lookit the toes!  All the little muppet toes!

More muppet toes!


meowmeowmans said...

O.M.G.! They are absolutely adorable! we sure are glad Mama Fozzie Bear and her babies are safe with you guys. :)

Admiral Hestorb said...

OH how precious the whole family is. MUAH!!!!

catastrophegirl said...

polydactyl manxes... this is the only time i've ever thought 'wow, i wish we could breed them' instead of neutering. but only for a second. and even then only because i was thinking of fundraising opportunities.

Gods Little People said...

Aw, how absolutely adorable with all those little toes. We've got a semi-feral kitty mom in the garden that's just had kittens (she won't yet reveal to me their whereabouts even though I've tried to follow her!). I'm like "oh no" because I know there will eventually be a 3-5 kitten addition to the garden (there's already 12) when they're old enough for her to lead them here for food. Who can possibly resist such little bundles!?