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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Apex Peak Fest 2011

Alley Cats and Angels participated in Apex Peak Fest again this year.  We made approximately $450 in cat bed and catnip toy sales and donations, but the most important thing was getting the word out about TNR and low cost spay/neuter options.  Bed/toy sales went to the main medical fund and all donations in the donation jar went to the Alter an Alley Cat fund. 

Lucy Liu spent the day entertaining people.  She's an adorable 5-month old tortie found in a Harbor Freight parking lot.  A nerd bot came by to visit her and it didn't faze her one bit!  Lucy Liu represented the "angels" of Alley Cats and Angels

Feral Cheryl, the awesome sock doll with her cropped ear, posed inside a TruCatch trap.  She represented the "alley cats" in Alley Cats and Angels.  She also allowed us to demonstrate how the trap works.

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