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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kittens coming out our ears!!

Kittens here, kittens there.  Kittens, kittens everywhere!!

We have lots of little ones right now:
  • The G kittens: four orange tabby girls, 1 orange tabby boy, and 2 black male kittens: now 13 weeks old and available for adoption!
  • The Drop-offs (not named or themed yet, but they were dropped off at my previous job before I left): 3 adorable medium haired kittens, approximately 8 weeks old
  • Candy kittens: three sweet kittens from a feral colony, now approximately 10 weeks old
  • Morgan kittens: four sweet kittens from a feral colony, now approximately 6 weeks old
  • Skittles' kitten: four sweet kittens born to a mama cat - friendly mama cat that showed up in a feral colony, kittens are now 5 weeks old
  • Muppets: these polydactyl darlings were born to a friendly mama cat who migrated to a backyard feral colony: five kittens now approximately 8.5 weeks old
  • Spring Hope litter: 4 kittens born to feral mama.  Mama will go back to colony after spay: these darings are approximately 4.5 weeks old
  • Spring Hope Mother's Day kittens: three adorable darlings, taken in on Mother's Day, approximately 7 weeks old
  • Europena City kittens: several litters from one feral colony: 2 Maine Coon mixes, 1 orange tabby, 1 white and brown tabby, and 5 Siamese mixes: approximately 8 weeks old
Tomorrow, we'll be taking in yet more kittens from feral colonies. 

If you "like" us on facebook and like our Kitten Alley page, you can view pictures on our Kitten Alley facebook page under the Available Cats and Kittens photo album.


Marg said...

Oh I wish I could take some of those kittens. There just isn't any room at the inn here. I am going to go to Facebook and find that page with the pictures and do a post on them sometime this week. Thanks for all you do for these feral cats.

Admiral Hestorb said...

I would become"that carzy cat lady" if I had the room, the land and the resources. I'd take them all, have them spayed and neutered and keep some (a lot) for myself and hopefully get the others adopted.


mellocat said...

And then there are the three that were just dropped off at your work one day -- those guys are 8 weeks old now too. All medium-haired, one cow kitty, one black, one gray/white with tabby spots.

meowmeowmans said...

Yikes! And so it (kitten season) begins, right? Thank you for helping so many ... we really appreciate you guys!

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Oh many kittens. We are sending good vibes that they find loving homes. Thank you for your concern for Chica - she is improving.