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Monday, November 7, 2011

More members added to the "Wonky Legged Kitty Club"

It is truly the year of the deformed legs:
  • Light Willow originally thought to have been hit by a car had a deformed back leg that had to be amputated
  • Jamie is the kitten with two deformed front legs, but he gets around really well and is totally unstoppable.  The surgeons and specialists have said there is nothing we can do.  But hope his growth has been stunted some because he's fine now but the concern is how his legs will do as he gets bigger.  This boy is the most adorable kitten ever!!  Check out our Facebook page to see pictures and videos of him.
  • Bones, a little white kitten about 11 weeks old who wandered into an Operation Catnip trap but is friendly and had a hurt leg.  He actually does not have a radius on his front right leg and it will have to be amputated once he's over his URI.

And now two more with deformed legs. (Kupe's leg was not deformed, it was amputated because his previous owners let him go outside and he was attacked by something.) We took in six kittens today and of them, two have deformed legs (birth defects). They all have a 10AM appointment at Magnolia tomorrow to get checked out. The kitten with stumps for both back legs is extremely thin but does well with supplemental feedings. Some of the cats are polydactyl. Alexis came by a little bit ago and took some pictures and shot some video and it is posted on our Facebook page.

  • Prince Charming: black and white tuxedo, male, regular toes all 4 paws
  • Pinnochio: white and brown tabby (lots of white), male, polydactyl on all 4 paws, not quite short hair, not quite medium
  • Ariel: black and white "tux-a-cow" lots of white (chin, neck, chest, belly), regular toes and feet, female,
  • Snow White: long haired black, regular toes and feet, but she's a manx!
  • Rumplestilskin:gray/brown tabby with some white, polydactyl on 3 paws, very short stump of a back leg on the other - holds it way up when walking, put it down for balance some.  The vet has recommended it be amputated.
  • Cinderella: medium haired gray/brown tabby with white, polydactyl on both front fee, no foot on one back leg and a stump of a leg on the other. She's extremely emaciated nothing but bones probably wasn't able to make it to the food before everyone else ate it.

Cinderella with stumps for both back legs needs some serious prayers. She is so emaciated but she does well with supplemental feedings.  She's so adorable. But honestly, it wouldn't matter if she were super ugly, we'd still love her!  Two vets said we need to consider euthanasia but I'm not ready for that.  She was doing well over the weekend but late yesterday (Sunday, 10/6), she is now a bit lethargic and not eating as well.  We're headed to the vet again. 

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