We Want You to Foster!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

URGENT need for foster homes

  • Six 8-week old kittens left in a box on a vet clinic’s doorstep (litter can be split up)
  • Two 12-week old friendly kittens living in a feral colony
  • Three adult cats living outside after their owner moved and cruelly abandoned them (can be split up into several foster homes)
  • Two small 5-6 week old kittens born to a feral mom living in a box on a neighbor’s porch
  • One 8-week old kitten who only wants to snuggle but is currently living outside
  • Two sweet young kittens living in an old barn with feral cats

These are just a few of the many cats and kittens on our wait list that we can help if we had more foster homes. But without foster homes, we cannot take in these cats. It's getting cold outside, we want so much to bring them inside to safety and warmth. If you have a spare room (even a large bathroom), you can help save a life. Even if you do not have a spare room, we need foster homes for cats that have already completed their intake quarantine period and all medical.

Fostering for Alley Cats and Angels is a great experience. We provide all the medical attention and medications; we do not skimp on medical care – the fact that our cats received such great medical care is why so many people adopt from Alley Cats and Angels. We can provide litter boxes and toys. We can even help provide food and litter (if you provide the food and litter, it is considered an in-kind donation and is tax deductible). Alley Cats and Angels foster coordinators can always be reached via email or cell phone for any of our foster homes.

  We have adoption events every weekend, and space in three separate Petsmart adoption centers monthly (Knightdale, Capital Boulevard Raleigh, and the new Morrisville store). All cats get a rotation in the adoption center and we request that cats be made available for at least two events per month (three is optimal). Foster homes do not have to attend the adoption events with their fosters, but if you do it’s a great opportunity to talk about your foster to potential adopters.

Please considering fostering for Alley Cats and Angels today. If you’re worried that you’ll become too attached to your fosters, we also always need short-term foster homes to provide coverage during foster home vacations, etc.

Alley Cats and Angels is not your typical cat rescue….we are a rescue with a personal touch.


Please email if you are interested in fostering.


Random Felines said...

Fostering is an awesome experience. I tell people that it is a great way to get a kitten fix without adding another cat to the crew!! Hope you get lots of help...

orbit said...

I hope all will find homes soon! I was rescued about 18 years ago, along with a bunch of siblings, and I owe my life to my wonderful dad.

meowmeowmans said...

Purring and praying that you find foster homes for all these kitties, soon!