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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Great adoption weekend

What a wonderful adoption weekend – 16 cats/kittens were adopted this weekend. Yes, that’s a lot of adoptions and we are very happy about all the kitties who found homes this weekend, but there are a few of the adoptions that are putting an extra bounce in our step and an even bigger smile on our faces!

The biggest news first: Sterling (woohoo!); Harmony (yippee, happy dance, best news!!!) by a young couple who are ok with the fact that Harmony really loves other kitties and sometimes she wants to snuggle, but mostly she wants to be left alone. And the last of the “Sweetie Pie Kittens” were adopted – it was finally their turn -- Boston Cream Pie (yay!); Pecan Pie (yay!).

Other great adoptions this weekend are Koala; Bertie and Currituck together; Hushpuppy and Daenerys together; Tumbleweed; Rue and Katniss together; Mr. Pibb; and Big Mac, McFlurry, and Sansa together (the couple has been waiting for 5 years to adopt while they finished grad school and moved back from Hawaii – might as well knock out all three adoptions at one time and then be set for 15-20 years!).

So to recap, the following were adopted on July 14/15:

• Sterling
• Harmony
• Boston cream pie
• Pecan pie
• Koala
• Bertie and Currituck together
• Hushpuppy and Daenerys together
• Tumbleweed
• Mr. Pibb
• Rue and Katniss together
• McFlurry, Big Mac, and Sansas together

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meowmeowmans said...

Woohoo! What a weekend!!! That's just about the best news we've heard in a long, long time. Concatulations to all of the adoptees (with a special shout-out to Sterling, Harmony, Boston Creme Pie and Pecan Pie), and their new families. :)

Amazing job, Alley Cats and Angels. We love you!

Katie Isabella said...

I so hope that the kitties and the families all are happy together. And that was a lot of kitties! :-)))