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Friday, July 27, 2012

Update on Hucklebuck

UPDATE ON HUCKLEBUCK: Hucklebuck went in today for a recheck and xrays. His lungs sound better and his xrays show great improvement in all lung fields – but they still aren’t normal. Although his blood work and other tests were normal, with the improvement in his lungs with medication, his medical issues are most likely related to bacterial or viral infection and not congenital. Dr. Eve gave him a 50/50 chance last week, but based on today’s visit, his chances have greatly improved and are now closer to 75/25. He will continue on the medication and go back in for more xrays in a few weeks.

Hucklebuck’s foster mom, Sarah, is taking such great care of him. From the moment he was diagnosed, although originally thought to be congenital, he has been quarantined just in case it was an infection. Sarah has even spent the night on the bathroom floor with him so he wouldn’t be alone. So much better than being in a cage somewhere since he didn’t require around the clock care. He is not coughing, he is not lethargic, and he’s eating well. He loves to play and he loves to give his foster mom kisses.

The checkups, xrays, and medication are continuing to adding up. Please consider making a donation towards Hucklebuck’s medical care. Thank you.


Katie Isabella said...

Oh mo mom and I are always in awe of the care and love Foster mom's and dad's provide the kitties in their care. We are so grateful on their behalf, always.

meowmeowmans said...

We're purring and praying for Hucklebuck! We are so thankful that he has you all in his corner.