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Monday, September 17, 2012

Please Help Hucklebuck!

Meet Hucklebuck. Huck was taken in by Alley Cats and Angels when he was found wandering alone and hungry in an Apex neighborhood. He was just about 12 weeks old. Alley Cats and Angels volunteers gave him medical care, food, a warm place to sleep, and lots of love.

Since that time, Hucklebuck has been fighting a serious lung disease. In July, it was discovered that Huck had a collapsed left lung and that both lungs were severely diseased. He was treated for a possible infection and/or parasite in his lungs. Afterwards, his right lung showed decent improvement, but his left lung was still in a rough state.

Last week, x-rays showed Huck's lung condition has further deteriorated. He doesn't have much healthy tissue left in either lung. At this point, our vets are stumped and have recommended that he see an internal medicine specialist. The costs for Huck's care are already adding up, and he will likely need a CT scan for further diagnosis. In addition, it is possible he may need a lobectomy to remove the collapsed portions of his left lung. The CT scan itself is very expensive, and if the doctors suggest that surgery will give him a reasonable shot at a healthy life, Alley Cats and Angels very much wants to give him that chance. However, this surgery would be extremely expensive, and we
ask for help from all of you so that we can help Huck.

Huck is now just about 6 months old. He is a bundle of energy and loves life. His decreased lung function hardly slows him down, and he is constantly showing off his amazing acrobatic skills. Huck executes expert jumps, flips, and twists while chasing after his feather wand. He loves to play fetch with rubberbands and catnip mice and never fails to bring them back. He is the most curious cat ever and is intensely perplexed by the shower running. Huck loves to play the 'stalking game' and immediately gets down low when his foster mom peeks around a corner, then suddenly appears right in her face.

Huck is a very smart boy. His foster mom was upset that he shredded a roll of paper towels, but then she realized he was just making himself a bed in the sink. He slept on the shredded paper, all comfy and cozy, for days. Huck is a very energetic cat, but he is also very loving and can't get enough petting or cuddling. He's a ragdoll and loves to be held like a baby. He'll fall asleep in your arms while you scratch the back of his neck. He likes to talk to his foster mom and tell her how much he loves his life (and perhaps that he wants food, too).

Donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated and will go directly to Huck's medical care. You can donate through the main page of our website at or through our chip-in for Huck.

Please help us give Hucklebuck a chance at a long, healthy, and happy life


meowmeowmans said...

Thank you for saving Hucklebuck, Alley Cats and Angels. You guys are the best. We'll try to rustle up some green papers to help.

Katie Isabella said...

Oh that dear dear baby. I hope his foster mom will not be mad at him. Kitties will be kitties. They mean no harm. <3

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

His foster mom loves him unconditionally. Even after the shredded paper towels. After his first set of xrays when it was unknown if it was infectious or congenital, he had to be quarantined in her master bathroom. She took a pillow and blanket in there and slept with him so he wouldn't be alone.

Cheri said...

I posted on FB and Twitter - hope this helps raise some funds! He is a cutie! Thank you for helping him.

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