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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Adoption Update (August 10/11 and August 17/18)

August 10/11
Last weekend (August 10/11) was a little slow for adoptions with only two adoptions - but what great adoptions they were!  Frittata was finally adopted after waiting her turn for almost a year.  And Little Rock - one of our special medical kittens - was adopted.  Woot, woot!!!

August 17/18
A pretty good weekend for the kitties.   Wingtip finally found her forever home.  She was the last of last year’s “Shoe kittens” – whose mom was even adopted before her.  Social networking played an incredible part in her adoption and a friend of her foster’s boss ended up adopting Wingtip.  Just goes to show, when you “share” on Facebook, it really does help!   Let the happy dancing commence!

Also adopted were Jules (yay – black kitten adopted on Black Cat Appreciation day!), Pablo, Mica, and Diego.  

A big congratulations to the adopted kitties and their new families.  We’re so happy for you!

Here's Jules with his new mom and dad in celebration of Black Cat Appreciation Day. 


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meowmeowmans said...

Oh, we so love hearing about adoptions! Especially when the kitties have been waiting so long for their forever family (way to go, Frittata!). :)

Congratulations to the adoptees and their new families. And wonderful job, Alley Cats and Angels. You ROCK!