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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Remember these kitties?

Remember the crazy day in June when I was out of town for work and came home to eight new rescue kittens and then received a request from a vet to help a kitten two days later?  Well, here's a little update!

The Eye Kittens
Well, Zapp Brannigan turned out to be a girl so has been renamed to Hattie McDougal - a female character on Futurma.  Hattie's eyes are fine - yay!  Leela had her surgery and is doing well - but oh boy, is she a fiesty one (see the little firecracker below!).  One of Zoidberg's eyes has cleared up completely but there are still major issues with the other one.  He is being treated by Animal Eye Care in Cary and is being treated with several medications but right now we are at the wait and see if it gets better in a few months mode.  :-(

Leela, the firecracker!

The Prison Kittens
The prison kittens are all doing well.  We named them after gunslingers.  We were originally going for an Outlaw theme, but couldn't come up with names for the ladies - not true female outlaws whose names people would recognize.  So they became: Butch Cassidy, Calamity Jane, Annie Oakley, Wyatt Earp, and Doc Holliday.  We have two health scares with them - one with Butch and one with Wyatt (about two weeks apart).  They became lethargic, not eating, with temperatures that were incredibly high (they were both in different foster homes).  In fact, Doc's temp was 105.6 when he was rushed to the vet.  Lots of cool compresses, fluids, antibiotics, steriods, etc. and hospitalization.  But they are all doing fine.  Testing and blood work did not show any cause for their illness.   Below are the Prison kittens several weeks after rescue.  

Calamity Jane (left), Annie Oakley (back), and Butch Cassidy (right)

Doc Holliday (left) and Wyatt Earp (right)

The Vet Kitten
Devlin, the three legged kitten is doing pretty well.  He tends to scratch where his leg was removed, so we've been battling infection and lots of vet visits - the latest vet visit was Friday.  So he's now sporting clothing to keep him from scratching.  We looked at doggie tshirts or sweaters today at the pet store but he's a small guy, so our medical coordinator (who is currently fostering him due to his issue and her proximity to our vet) took a sock and cut it and he's swearing it as a "sweater". 

Devlin one week after surgery

Devlin - today

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meowmeowmans said...

Oh gosh, they are all so precious, and we are so glad to know they are doing well. THANK YOU, Alley Cats and Angels, for giving these babies a new lease on life and love. You are awesome!