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Monday, March 16, 2009

First PetSmart Adoption Event a Success

We held our first PetSmart adoption event (actually, it was our first adoptathon) on March 14-15). We had a triple strike against us -- it's still a new store (grand opening at the end of them month) so not that much foot traffic yet), the weather was miserable, and it's ACC weekend, BUT....we adopted out three cats this at the event.
We are quite excited to have such a great weekend. We were set up between the fish section and the Luv-a-Pet Center.

Jill adopted Suki, one of the black bobtail cats we took in from the hoarding situation. And a great couple adopted Coco (our 13-14 week old kitten) and Boots. They were originally only going to adopt one but we recommended two cats so they could keep each other company when the couple is at work. The couple really like DeMartino but De didn't think too much of Coco. Boots is 11-14 months old and is a gray tabby with white boots and is super laid back. He loves all cats and kittens and people equally and is a huge snuggle bug. We took the couple and Boots and Coco back to the education room so they could all spend time together and it was a match made in heaven.

DeMartino was a favorite among many of the people that came by so we hope he'll be adopted soon -- he's been with us since July. Actually, all cats at the adoption event showed well. Tipper, JoAnne's foster, did really well; Bridgey did well, and everyone loved Ming Lee.

We had the large PetSmart rolling cages and a table setup with two smaller cages. When there are more cats we want to take, we'll take 4 of the smaller table top cages. The cats in the rolling cages stay overnight, the cats in the tabletops come home at night and go back in the morning. We were even able to get rugs and litterboxes for the cages in AC&A's colors - blue and tan. :-)

Check out our new A-frame sign that we put in front of the store for adoption events (there is small sign that can be added to the bottom "Visit Us in the Luv-a-Pet Center" that will be added when we are in the adoption center. The sign looks fantastic when it's outside, but the colors don't come through in the photograph that well. Our banner for the table is in Navy so it pops in front of the table cloth. And, of course, we wore our t-shirts with the AC&A logo.

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