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Monday, March 9, 2009

Updated pictures of the kittens

Set 1 (born February 19th): all eyes are open in amazement at the big world in front of them. Smokey, the black one, get the most adorable expression on his face. Unfortunately, the gray tabby decided to crawl to the other bed at the time pix was being taken so he's not pictured here. And the hilarious thing is one of the orange tabbies sucks her "thumb". Seriously - her foster mom told me she did that and I saw it and it was so cute. Debbie has the mama cat and most of the babies named but still has a few more to name.

We don't have an updated picture of Set 2 (born ~February 24th). They went to their new foster home today with their mama. I'm a horrible rescue mommy for not getting updated pictures before they went to their new foster home. But their new foster mom, Ellen, will send us some pictures in a couple of days. And she'll decide on names for mama and the babies.

Set 3 (born ~March 1st) are pictured here, minus poor Tiny Tabby who died after such a short time. They are are doing very well. They don't have names either. Their foster mama says the gray/black and white kitten has quite a set of lungs on him. And one of the white ones looks like he has a slight dust color to him in places. He may end up not being totally white. Maybe we can name him smudge if the "spots" get darker.

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