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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sienna, Rosco, and Tara to their new barn home this weekend

And is it ever a beauty of a barn. The family that is fostering Mama 2 and her babies (the family is in the process of naming the mama and babies) has a fantastic 12 stall barn with several climate controlled areas. Sienna, Rosco, and Tara were relocated there yesterday. Everyone at the barn is excited about the cats. It is a higher level activity barn so the cats will be confined for one month instead of the usual two weeks, during which time various people at the barn will work to bond with the cats. This makes barn cats numbers 15-17 that have been relocated this year to date. They will be very well taken care of - spoiled and pampered I'm sure.

Also, after leaving the barn we went to go visit Mama 2 and the babies. Talk about fat little porkers! But oh are they ever gorgeous babies. And it looks like one of them has curly hair! Can't wait to get more pictures posted.

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