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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bye bye Bootsie and some miscellaneous ramblings

Boots was adopted. Which is absolutely fantastic news but sad at the same time because he truly was one of my favorites. He was adopted last week and came by tonight to say hello (and goodbye). He is so happy. No more competing with a bunch of other kitties for snuggling. Boots' adoptive mom, Maria, has fallen head over heels in love with him and his every kitty whim is catered too. Plus they have a two-story house versus my ranch so Boots is getting some much needed excercise (he was getting to be a bit chunky). I am sooo very happy for Boots, he really could not have asked for more. I love it when cats are adopted but when it's an adult cat - my heart just sings.

I called Boots my "Baby Bailey" because he reminded me so much of my big boy, Bailey - my number one kitty boy for about 10 years now. Hard to imagine when I get a call from my niece so many years ago "I found a kitten and mama won't let me keep him" so of course he came to live with me. Now in my sister's defense, she was raising two children, she was going to school to become an Xray/CT/MRI technician, and they already had quite a few animals (all rescues of course - it runs in the family). Bailey came to live with me and after three baths (because he stunk so bad) curled up next to me at night. It was like night and day the differences between Bailey and Fancy (my other cat).

Allow me to get even more off topic and tell you about Fancy. Katherine, a recruiter I worked with at an IT company, told me "I have a problem that only you can fix -- Fancy's being evicted and needs a place to live" -- Fancy belonged to a someone Katherine knew. She proceeds to tell me (lies, all lies [luv ya Kat!!!] how sweet and cuddly and wonderful Fancy is. So of course Fancy came to live with me (only a few months before Bailey did). Now, sweet, wonderful and cuddly might describe a rattlesnake but it did not describe Fancy! On her good days, she was mean and vicious. She'd stalk me if I got out of bed in the middle of the night and attack me. OK when I say attack, I do not mean a cute little bite. The cat would sink her claws and teeth in as deep as they would go for no reason except that I had the audacity to even exist in the same universe as her. She truly disagreed with the concept of "don't bite the hand that feeds you". I would go to work all scratched, bitten, and bloody and get laughed at for being such a sucker. When asked why I put up with Fancy, the reason was actually so obvious that I didn't comprehend why other people didn't understand - she had to stay with me. Someone else might hurt her, dump her at a kill shelter, or dump her in the country somewhere. And she was that way for a reason, I really do believe Fancy had kitty mental issues, she'd had a rough life. I had to keep food in the bowl all the time or she would get so stressed over not having food, it was so sad. It was obvious Fancy had sometimes gone for who knows how long without knowing when her next meal was. Over time (many many years), Fancy got better and would only attack me on occassion. I have to tell you, she might have been a pain in the tuckus, but she had personality galore. She could be soooo sweet (when she wanted), you couldn't help but love her. Even when she was mean and nasty, she had this delightful quality about her. Fancy crossed the rainbow bridge a few years back. I miss you Fancy, you little kitty monster.

Thanks for bearing with me. Sometimes a person just needs to ramble. :-)

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