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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Meet Guenther and Gwenneth

Ok, this is a shoutout to my friend and former coworker Rob Guenther who now lives in Florida. So how do I honor people I like - I name cats/kittens after them. I called Rob "Goober" a lot just because it was fun, not because he's a goober. He called me T-Bone. It's all in good friendly love. But I wouldn't name a kitten Goober, so when it was the right kitten with the right personality, I knew it was time for a little Guenther kitty. This one's for you, Rob.

Guenther has the funniest short little whiskers - but at least it helps us tell him apart from his "twin" Gustav. Silly boys that they are, Guenther and Gustav respond both to their name and to "twin". Guenther is so full of energy; he loves to play with the bell balls and chase his brothers and sister. But he can also be a laid back cool cat! He also likes to look out the window and dream about catching a bird or a bug. Rub his belly and he'll be your friend for life. Guenther does the cutest thing where he sucks on his paw to put himself to sleep. How cute is that?! Guenther and his siblings were rescued from a feral colony.

Gwenneth is Guenther's sister and she's also available for adoption. The other two kittens from that litter (Guenther's twin, Gustav; and Gershwin) have already been adopted. Gwenneth is a very energetic and people oriented kitten. She's a leader and is very adventurous and smart - she's the first one to find a new hiding spot or a new toy. She loves playing but thinks empty boxes and bags (paper, no handles for safety) are super kitty toys! Gwenneth loves to have her belly rubbed and will fall asleep in your arms. She'll also sit on your shoulder and relax and give you kitty kisses when you ask. Gwenneth thinks men are rather wonderful and will give them love nips. Gwennie is a real sweetheart. Gwenneth and her siblings were rescued from a feral colony.

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