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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kittens in every color imagineable!

We have over 50 kittens in the adoption program, so if you're looking for a kitten to adopt we have almost every color/color combination! Below is just a small list of the various kittens we have:
  • Black
  • Black and fluffy (medium or long hair)
  • Black and white - tuxedo
  • White with black markings
  • Brown tabbies
  • Gray tabbies
  • Silver gray creme tabbies
  • Charcoal gray
  • Torties
  • Flame Point Siamese mixes (white with some peach on ears and tail) with blue eyes
  • White with blue eyes (no other coloration)
  • Every shade of orange and orange and white imagineable: dark orange [sometimes called red tabbies], orange tabbies, peach tabbies, buff tabbies, many shades of orange kittens that have white markings

We have short hair, medium, hair, and long hair kittens. Kittens are being vetted literally every week so please check our website ( frequently.

And don't forget our many wonderful adults too.

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Daryl said...

She means it! We have a wonderful assortment of kittens (and our adults are just as wonderful) to choose from. I volunteer with AC&A and was able to visit with about 15 kittens over the weekend and just kept saying..."you are so cute" to just about everyone I picked up to love on and play with. Not only are there assorted colors and fur types, but purrsonalities. We have the entertainers that will keep you laughing; the ones who think snuggling close to your heart is just about the best thing going and then all the ones in between.

Keep checking the pictures and see for yourself. Better yet, stop by one of our adoption one coming up soon!