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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The American Shorthairs -- focus on Yaya

Yaya is a sweet purebred American Shorthair. She's a sweet girl and one of four American Shorthairs we took in from a bad situation. Yaya is supposed to be about 3-5 years old but she (and the other three American Shorthairs we took in) have the teeth of 8+ year old cats. Fang has already had his dental done and Yancy and Yates go in this week for their dental.

Three of the AS kitties are super sweet and loving - just want all love all the time. Yates is the most handsome of the cats but is shy and a little skittish but we're working on that. I'll post some picture of Fang soon and you'll know right away why his name is Fang!

Fang and Yaya do not have the typical American Shorthair faces, their little faces are flat with the tiniest of noses. Yaya's nose is about the size of a 3-week old kitten's nose - poor thing.

The cats were infested with fleas and earmites when we got them. Flea situation was easily resolved but we're still working on the ear mites - Ivermectin ear drops prescribed by are vet are given weekly with ear cleanings about 3 days following the drops -- the ears are getting much better.

Yaya had an old ulcer on her left eye and we were hoping to save her eye with aggressive medical treatment and twice weekly visits to the vet for eye debridment and treatment. When we went to her appointment Friday, her eye was worse and Dr. Jon said it was time to do an eye enucleation (remove the eye). He did the surgery that day and kept her overnight. Yaya is feeling better already - she's eating well (something she wasn't doing before). However, poor girl has to wear the e-collar so she won't scratch her eye and with her little flat face she can't eat or drink with the collar on (Wimbledon was able to). So tonight Yaya went to go stay with her "Grandpa and Grandma" (my parents as I'm her foster) until she no longer has to wear the collar. The collar will go on her at night but most of the time she won't have to wear it as she'll be on the sofa with my mom. Once she heals up and feels better, we'll be able to wash her dirty little face (drainage) - plus she gets her food everywhere!! Here are a few pictures of our little lady.

(pictures aren't the best - taken with an iPhone and she wouldn't hold still!)
Here she is all tuckered out after exploring Grandpa and Grandma's house. She's curled up on the bed with her little tongue sticking out. She's such an unbelievably sweet and affectionate lady. After she's fully recovered from her eye surgery, she'll need to have dental done also and then will be ready for adoption.

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