We Want You to Foster!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We have the purrfect accessory to help keep you warm this winter!

You will need a furry friend to cuddle as the temperature drops this winter! There is nothing better than a four legged furball to keep you company. Here are a few very special cats who are hoping to have a warm lap to relax in this winter. If they don't tug at your heart, please look through the others we have for adoption. We have something for everyone!

Meena: Meena is extremely sweet and loving calico. She has the most beautiful orange and black face and the cutest black button nose. She can't get enough of head rubs and chin scratches. Grooming is not a problem as she loves being brushed down. Meena is very loyal and always shows her appreciation for your love by rubbing and standing up on your leg. Meena really shows off when she is the only kitty in the house. She is very good about using her scratching pad and playtime is a marathon when you bring out the laser pointer. Meena might be a little shy at first, but get ready; because when she comes out of her closet, you will be loving and playing with her for a long time to come. Meena was rescued from a high-kill shelter.

Tipper: My personality is really starting to shine through. I now ‘talk' to you to in a soft chatter to let you know that I want to be petted and have attention. I've also come to realize how nice it is to sit in your lap and get comfortable for a short catnap. While I live in a house with other cats, I am a good fit as an only cat or integrated into a home with other cats. I'm very friendly and I get along well with every cat I meet. My favorite pastimes are still to chase balls, play with feathers on a stick and pop in and out of my tent. I also love it when you shake the treat bag--I come running! I do have a grade 2 heart murmur which means you need to make the Vet aware in case I would ever need to go under anesthetic. On the outside you'd never know the murmur existed since I act normal and require no special care. I was found living in a storm drain near a local pizza restaurant and would dart between traffic to sit under cars as they parked so I could stay warm, so when I was rescued, the hair on my ears was singed but it's grown in beautifully.

Izzie: Izzie was rescued when we received a call to help the petite cat because it was so cold out; expecting a kitten, we found a beautiful adult instead - and that's quite ok (vet estimates Izzie is 5-6 years old). Izzie is a typical tortie, which means she has "tortie-tude". She can be wonderfully sweet and then sometimes be a bit persnickety. Izzie loves attention, wants to sit near you, sleep with you, and be your world. She’s actually quite a good snuggler. She has the cutest little short tail (not quite 2/3 the length of an average cat tail) – which is how she gained one of her nicknames (Isabella Stumpy Tail). But we mean it with love – it’s actually quite a cute stumpy tail. Izzie would be best suited to a house without young children. However, if you want unconditional love (98% unconditional love, 2% feigned indifference), then Izzie is your girl.

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