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Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend update

Wimbledon was adopted this weekend and we are very excited that our little one-eyed boy found a fantastic new two-legged mom in Dana. We know and love Dana and she is going to give his such a great home. Wimbledon was a favorite among many of the Petsmart Knightdale employees (and everyone else that met him). (Update - Dana said her cat not quite so keen in Wimbledon right but that's to be expected. However, her dog loves Wimbledon and was giving him a bath Saturday night!!). A big thanks to Maria B. for sponsoring Wimbledon's adoption.

The A's (Arnie, Angie, and Andy) attended their first adoption event. We name litters by the alphabet but we don't necessarily do it in alphabetical order. (We only have the V's and Y's left for this year). The A's are a bit shy but they did pretty good until one of the darn birds at Petsmart started screeching. It was an obnoxious noise that made me want to hide too! Here's a picture of Arnie in his Halloween bandana snuggling with a teddy bear in his cage.

It was a long week for the cats in the adoption center and they were glad to get back to their foster homes. They're not used to being in cages (only caged during quarantine). Of course everyone got playtime out of the adoption center cages each day and night but they were getting a little restless.

Big big thanks for the 11 bags of donated cat food, including food for the adoption program and food for the ferals. Saying we really appreciate it does not really convey how much we really appreciate it. We are very grateful for the donation.

And finally, we were notified last night that a meetup group had a raffle at their Halloween party this weekend and they are donating the proceeds of the raffle ($400) to Alley Cats and Angels. This means a lot to us. We have taken in some cats that have very bad dental problems and need teeth cleanings (cannot wait, it's bad - stage 4 periodontal disease) and some teeth removed. The raffle money will go to help pay for the dental work these guys needs (now that sounds like they need fillings and root canals, doesn't it?!). Again, huge thanks to Erin D., organizer of the meetup group, for choosing Alley Cats and Angels to be the recipient of the raffle proceeds.

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