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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I need to work on my math..

Three minus five equals ??   Hmmm...  We adopted out three this weekend and took in five.  We took in two sweet ladies - maybe 10-12 months old.  They'll go to a foster home tomorrow.  I'll get pictures of Callie and Tidbit up soon.

And we took in three new meeps. More little babies without a mama.  No idea if mama was killed or just dropped them off somewhere she knew they would be safe and left them, but no mama sighting in several days.  Hard to believe something as small as these kittens can make so much noise - wow, they have all got a great set of lungs on them!!  I think two girls and one boy - will figure out for sure in a bit. 

We stopped by "grandma's" house on the way back from picking them up and they ate a good meal of kitten milk replacement mixed with some kitten canned food and water to make a disgusting sloppy mess but they liked it and ate much more than I thought they would.  Then we had little baby baths because they get it everywhere!  Messy but super adorable little beasties.  Their temporary foster mom is here to pick them up.  We need to find a foster home for these three because Daryl does have other fosters - adults, but right now she is able to go home during the day to feed the babies as needed and she can keep them in her bathroom for now.  Thanks a bunch Daryl.  They did not want to sit still for a picture so we'll get pictures of them up this week too.  All black and white (mainly black, with feet, some white elsewhere; two of them have little white "lightning marks" on their noses. Almost twins.

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meowmeowmans said...

Oh yeah, we have that kind of math going on at our shelter, too! We had some great adoptions this past week, but the empty cages have already been filled with new kitties...