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Friday, March 19, 2010

Trailer Park Cat Rescue Update

Today, we were able to get 13 of the 16 cats from the trailer park.  The three remaining cats are ferals that need to be trapped and that is currently in progress.  It was very hard for the couple and they didn't want to part with a couple of the cats but after talking with them more, they realized it was the best thing.  I promised we would all work together to find the best homes for the cats and extra special care in adopting out the deaf kitty.  They did keep two cats -- one they have had for twelve years and one from the trailer park that they have taken care of for a couple of years. The first one is vetted, the second one is not. The second cat will be spayed/neutered soon, with sponsored spay/neuter.  

I would like to thank several local rescue groups for each taking some cats.  Alley Cats and Angels will be keeping 7 of the cats, 4 of which are feral and need barn homes (3 of those are the ones that are being trapped), 3 of which are yet to be determined as to who semi-feral they are or if they are just extremely shy and need some extra TLC so they can be adopted. 

Thank you to Hobbes House, Safe Haven for Cats, Paws4Ever, Best Friend Pet Adoptions, and Dr. Carol Tice of the Cat Care Clinic.  It is so wonderful when rescue groups work together, because together, we can save more cats. 

Thanks to Chris, one of our volunteers, for all his help today transporting cats to various locations, we really appreciate it.  I'll be transporting one in a few minutes and then some tomorrow morning to Paws4Ever in Mebane.


Cats of wildcat woods said...

Good work on this. I have a deaf cat so it you need any tips - let me know!

Amanda said...

It's great that the people in the trailer were willing to let you take the cats. I know sometimes people don't realize that they're harming the animals and they think they are all doing fine, when, of course, they're not. It's wonderful that your rescues are so willing to work together. I know there are some that are not, unfortunately.