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Monday, March 8, 2010

Newsletter and new kitties

Alley Cats and Angels March Newsletter
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This, that, and the other
Well, I think it's gonna be another "year of the tabbies"!!  We took in several adults in the past week and you guessed -- all of them are tabbies! 
  • There's Quinn - Qadira's "brother".  Not really her brother, but was her buddy in the same feral colony.  He was TNR'd and then it was discovered he is a nice boy - a bit timid, but very sweet so he came to us.  We took in Qadira and the other cat was hit by a car the night before, so Quinn was the last and not in a good area.   Quinn is a beautiful silver white and black tabby (kind of hard to describe).  He's about 1 year old
  • There's Picasso named because the "paint brush"/plume at the end of his tail.  He was loved at one time you can tell his lion cut is the work of a professional groomer, but his owners moved and left him.  So, you have the money to get a cat professionally groomed, but not neutered?!  ARGH and a few unprintable words. He's a gorgeous brown tabby that will have medium hair once it's grown in. He's about 9-10 months old
  • And today, there's the friendly cat that was dumped in my feral colony.  I noticed him the first of last week but have been in a haste to feed after work on my way home so I can change clothes before cleaning the adoption center at Petsmart.  I only knew him to be very talkative and he would get kind of close but I thought it was because he was starving -- he would scarf down food like he hadn't eaten in days every night when I fed so I figured the other cats were picking on him and not letting him eat.  So I moved his food down about 20 feet from the others.  Always in such a hurry but knew he was new and planned on trapping in the next week.  I feed and then drive back about 30 feet and watch for a few minutes to do a visual check of which of "my babies" (my ferals are my babies too) are there for dinner time and to look for new ones that need to be TNR'd.  Well, this guy is about 1.5-2 years old based on teeth and is super sweet.  Did great while holding him while blood was drawn for his FeLV/FIV SNAP test tonight.  Purred the whole time while I gave him kisses.  Not neutered and looks like he has an umbilical hernia and a possible burn mark in his "armpit" under his front leg -- does not look new and does not look horrible but does look suspicious.  Calling vet in the morning.   He's a brown tabby and what a talker.   He doesn't have a name yet but will soon.  This close to St. Paddy's Day, and he's fortunate to have ended up in a managed colony so might name him Lucky.

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