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Monday, January 23, 2012

Adoption Program Update

It was a slower adoption weekend than we've had in a while but we are happy with the four adoptions.  Plus, if any more were adopted, we might not have had enough available cats to fill the Petsmart adoption center.  Yep, that's how many adoptions we've had lately.  Approximately 57 in 7 weeks.  We have lots of cats in the adoption program but they are all still receiving medical.

The following were adopted:
  • Puck (handsome white male kitten)
  • Princess (pretty orange female ticked tabby kitten)
  • Mister Oscar - woohoo - score for the garbage dump adult kitties [he was found living at a garbage dump
  • Marco Polo - remember the kitty who walked into Staples and "pressed the easy button" looking for a new home (back in July).  He's had some health struggles and it is suspected that he has asthma but exams and testing and xrays did not confirm it.  He's also a little porker older kitten who likes to eat and cannot be free fed.  That did not scare off his adopters and we are so thankful they took a chance on a special needs kitty

New Intakes
Saturday was a big intake day. Our core focus is feral cats and cats found in feral colonies (kittens that can be tamed and friendly cats that have been abandoned and migrated to feral colonies); but because we've had such amazing adoptions lately, we had space to take in some cats from kill shelters this week. So today, we pulled 12 cats - 5 younger kittens, 2 older kittens/young adults, and 5 adults - from a very high kill rural shelter today (98% kill rate for cats).

We also took in 3 very young feral kittens [5.5 weeks old] ("I hiss and spit at you and might bite you, aren't you scared?" [sorry, no little ones, you weigh less than a pound, we're really not scared, besides it's adorable when you hiss and spit!].

Lastly, we took in one golden tabby around 9.5 weeks old from a feral colony.  He's very scared but interested, sort of reminds us of "The Watch Cat".  Right now his nickname is Watch Cat Jr. until we decide on a name for him.

Lots of drawing blood for FeLV/FIV/Heartworm testing, cleaning of ears, treating with flea meds and intestinal parasite meds. We had an assembly line of sorts going.  Testing over here.  Then one corner for flea meds (capstar and revolution), another section for cleaning ears and ear mite treatment (Milbemite), one section for first deworming (Drontal), one for weighing cats, and one for putting together medicine packets to go to foster homes (deworming protocol of ponazuril and panacur and pyrantel).  And finally, pictures.

Several foster homes helped with intake and then took their fosters home and we delivered some fosters.  And since we took in more adults than we had originally anticipated, we are looking for a few adult cat foster homes!

Many thanks everyone that made this possible. Thank you to Maria Brown, Jill Walters, Melissa McLaughlin, Laura Arpin, Nicky Thayer and Cherie and Elizabeth Sisk for helping. (We had lots of people helping, my sincere apologies if I forgot someone). 

Pictures are posted on our Kitten Alley Facebook page (although we missed pictures of two of the adults, we'll get those and add later: 

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Random Felines said...

What a great weekend!! And we are glad you could get some cat out of that shelter. (btw - mom loves those little hissy kittens too!!)