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Thursday, January 26, 2012

More rescues!

Alley Cats and Angels received a request for help Saturday from a feral cat colony caregiver in Alamance County. He had 11 kittens that he had pulled from the colony that needed placement. Because we had just taken in 16 cats that day and had already comitted to pulling more this past Tuesday, we really didn't enough space for 11 more ~4 month old kittens.
Alley Cats and Angels visited and assessed the kittens Tuesday evening.  There were 5 super friendly kittens and the other 6 are shy but not hissy/spitty and can be handled without incident.  We were able to pull the 11 kittens and transported them back to Raleigh.  There are 7 kittens approximately 3 months old and 4 that are approximately 4 months old: (5 cow kitties, 4 solid black, and 2 tabbies).

Alley Cats and Angels took in 6 of the kittens and we are so grateful that the Wake County SPCA took in the other 5 kittens. Many thanks to Lisa Kroll of the SPCA for coordinating this collaboration with the SPCA.

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