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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 "Report Card" for Alley Cats and Angels

2008 was a great year for Alley Cats and Angels. In 2008, AC&A accomplished many things including:
  • We officially incorporated as a non-profit in the State of North Carolina
  • We filed our 501c3 application and expect a favorable determination soon
  • We had a logo designed and donated to us
  • We created a website ( and a blog (
  • We formalized the AC&A rescue programs, including creating policies/procedures for each program. AC&A programs include the adoption program, barn cat program, and the feral cat education and assistance program (check out our website for more details)
  • We adopted out 24 cats and kittens this year either through direct adoptions or working with more established rescue groups (and one additional kitten has a great family committed to adopting her after she is spayed)
  • We placed 58 feral and semi-feral cats in barn homes, with at least another 5 lined up to be moved from their cages to their barn home in the next week or two
  • In addition to helping trap many of the cats that we relocated to barn homes, we also assisted in the TNR of 38 feral cats (helped trap as needed and provided recovery space)
  • We held our first fundraiser on November 22 – a yard sale on what was the coldest day of the year YTD – and raised over $900
Alley Cats and Angels has a waiting list of about 15 ferals and semi-ferals that still need barn homes and we get requests to take cats into the barn cat program on a regular basis. So please pass the word. You never know when the person you tell that tells someone else that tells someone else might need a barn cat!

We still have 19 cats in the adoption program that need homes (adults and kittens), with several more on the waiting list to be taken into the program once some more cats are adopted. Please pass the word on to everyone you know. Until we get the 501c3, we have extremely limited venues for adoption events so right now we must rely on word of mouth.

To everyone that supported Alley Cats and Angels through donations of time, money, and/or supplies -- the two legged and four-legged members of Alley Cats and Angels extend our deepest gratitude. Without those donations, all of this could not be possible.

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