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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big thanks to Jill W....

Jill is the wonderful lady who created and maintains the rescue website ( and all of her time is donated. She makes any changes we request and is always so great. Jill is always so patient and gracious when I say "hey, I was thinking about redoing this page" or "it is possible to do this". Jill is a real angel to rescue and the two-legged (human) members of the rescue and the four-legged members all thank her from the bottom of our heart.

This week Jill created our online adoption application and is currently working on the online foster application. She's also reworking the adoptable cats gallery page.

And earlier this week, she donated a terrific new cat tree to the cats -- which they are loving.

Jill is also the lucky person that adopted Dexter (named Snarfle when I rescued him because he was all sicky, icky, sticky [had tar stuck all in his long fur], and snarflie). Snarfle (Dexter) was about four weeks old and had such bad upper respiratory, flea anemia, and was very malnourished when rescued that we weren't sure he would make it. But he did and flourished and now has an awesome home. So really, Dexter is also very lucky.

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Jill Walters said...

I'm the lucky one. He's just wonderful - and that's all because of who raised him from a little muffin. He's such a big boy now! You should come see him or I can bring him over sometime.

And I appreciate the thanks, but I enjoy doing the site and it's the kind of volunteering that works with my schedule. I doubt you want me showing up to socialize kittens in the middle of the night. ;-)