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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A message from one of our adopters

Pam W. adopted two very shy cats from Alley Cats and Angels several years ago. Boo was born in a feral colony and caught around six months old. And Snicker is from the same colony and was caught when she was around 15 months old. This was a backyard colony that we were TNRing but Snicker and Boo showed potential so we didn't return them to the backyard. Pam and Jimmy adopted Boo and then adopted Snicker about 4 months later. Both the cats were extremely shy but with some dedicated love and patience, both Boo and Snicker have become very lovey babies.

Boo is the tuxedo cat and Snicker is the silver gray cat. Both cats have also fallen in love with Pam and Jimmy's other cat, Sammy, and they are all buddies.

"Hello all! I wanted to post a note to encourage the blog readers to adopt a shy cat! We have two of Alley Cats and Angels' rescues: Boo and Snicker. With time, space and most importantly patience, these two shy friends have blossomed! With plenty of windows to keep an eye on the birds outside, and comfy, quiet nooks and crannies around the house to feel at ease, they have developed into very loving and affectionate kitties. If you're willing to invest the time and love, adopt a shy kitty. The reward will be well worth it!" -- Pam W.

Shy cats are very often overlooked and passed by when people are looking to adopt a cat. However, they just need some dedicated time, attention, love, and patience and they will usually becaome some of the most affectionate cats. Please consider adopting a shy cat today -- give them a chance and give them a little bit of time and they will capture your heart. Check out the following links for helpful tips about caring for shy cats.

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