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Monday, October 26, 2009

Cats and Halloween Costumes

I think it's just wrong, but it sure is funny. And I'm giong to do it for the adoption event this weekend.

Rascal is my foster and he is the biggest bed hog. He's a big boy and is just plain sarcastic when it's bed time. He stretches out his front and back legs and take up as much bed as he can. Oh - and he likes to lay right smack in the middle of the bed. Therefore, I might get my revenge and dress him up like a mermaid - I saw a cute mermaid pet costume at Petsmart. It will help him get in touch with his feminine.

Think that will teach him what's boss or just make him gather the other foster cats and tell them to help hog the bed too?

Ok, so maybe not a mermaid - that would probably wound his masculine ego, but he's wearing something other than a Halloween bandana this weekend. And it will be for all the world to see (well, the part of the world that will be visiting the Petsmart Knightdale between 1-4P on Saturday!!).

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