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Monday, October 19, 2009

GREAT weekend

First, Abby was adopted this weekend. Sweet Abby-dabby-doo. Her adopter, Libbi, met us and Abby at Wag Pet Boutique on October 10th. Libbi came to see Abby again and meet Rascal this weekend and spent a lot of time getting to know both of them. It was a hard decision, both Rascal and Abby have very similar personalities, are both big chunky love kitties. It wasn't like trying to decide between two cats with different personalities. In the end, Libbi (a former animal shelter volunteer when she lived in another state), decided to adopt Abby. Both Abby and Rascal rolled over and showed her a lot of kitty belly, they both meowed at her, they both gave her kitty kisses, etc. But in the end the rescuer in Libbi took over and she opted for Abby, because Abby doesn't "show" as well at adoption events whereas Rascal hams-it-up and demands people's attention at adoption events thus making the chances of him being adopted soon much higher than Abby's when we are at adoption events. We are so happy for Abby. She has a fantastic new human mom and a sweet new feline brother.

On the yard sale front, we exceeded our goal of making $1500 for the cats. We made over $1600 and we still have some higher end jewelry and collectible items (Limoges collector plate and other limited edition numbered collector plates) that are going to an upscale consignment shop or on ebay. My deepest thanks to everyone that donated items and everyone that helped out with the yard sale. There's only one thing to say -- you all rock.

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