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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great adoption weekend

Carmen and Cleo (affectionately referred to as the twins) were adopted together this weekend by someone that met us and the cats last weekend. The twins are inseperable and we really wanted them to be adopted together. The twins had the best personalities, they were simply delightful.

Bumblemuffin was adopted yesterday - what a cute little munchkin he was. Stocky built little boy and super sweet.

And finally, Jacob was adopted this weekend. Jacob had a rough time for a while but started sleeping with his foster parent and coming up and asking for love. He's not big on being held, but the family is ok with that and understands he can be a bit shy at first but will blossom. The 15-year old daughter is absolutely in love with Jacob - and rightly so, he's a pretty great little guy.

The cats had a great adoption weekend.

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