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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goodbye little Ursa Minor

Our vet took Ursa Minor home last night to keep an eye on her and tend to her throughout the night. Ursa seemed to have some fight in her; however, she did not make it. Ursa Minor died around 6:30 this morning. Our vet does not feel it is an infectious disease and is believes it was a portosystemic shunt and will check for that post-mortem.

Despite the best medical care and heroic efforts on the part of our vet, sometimes it's simply the animal's time to pass over the rainbow bridge. We would like to thank Dr. Kevin Monce (PetSound Animal Hospital) for all he did for Ursa Minor.

I'm so sorry we lost you little Ursa. So small, so sweet, so soon. There are now four more little feet in heaven. And many more tears here on earth.

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