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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet the first set of prison kittens

These set of five kittens were born to a friendly mama at the correctional facility.  The mama is also now in our adoption program, and we'll get a picture of her up soon too.  These babies were named after the 1980's cartoon, Thundercats.  These sweet babies wil be available for adoption the first week in July.  Meet the Thundercats:

Lion-O: DSH Orange Tabby with cream colored fur that lines his eyes. He is the ringleader of the Thundercats but is a very playful little guy with a gentle little soul. He is the first to come running at any cry to see what is wrong. Lion-O is great with other cats and kittens, as well as dogs and babies. He will need plenty of things to climb on and toys to keep him occupied because he gets bored very easily.

Panthro: DSH Black rings on Black with a white heart on her chest. She is a very gentle kitten that loves a night time snuggle and a tummy rub. She loves to sleep on her back and hang her little tongue out! She loves to play peek-a-boo and is great with other cats and kittens as well as dogs and babies.

Cheetara: DSH Grey Tabby with rings and leopard spots! Cheetara has really come around from being a shy little girl to having an outgoing personality. She loves to greet you at the door any door really and desires a good rub down! She is content with laying at your feet or up on your shoulders for a nighttime cuddle. She is great with other cats and kittens as well as dogs and babies.

Thundera: DSH Torbie. She is the smallest of the Thundercats but has the biggest personality! She doesn't want anyone thinking that just because she is little she can't do the same things that her brothers and sisters can do. Actually it is just the opposite! She is the first to accomplish a feat and she gets a look of proudness on her face! She loves to sleep under the bed or in a cubbie hole, but in the morning she will come running to greet you and say hello. This doesn't mean that she is a morning cat because she values her beauty sleep! She is great with other cats and kittens as well as babies. She doesn't care to much for the dogs right now but is coming around quickly.

Kano: DMH Tabby. He is the fluffiest and the largest of the of the Thundercats and has a sweet personality. He goes with the flow and is really the cool cat of the bunch. Though he is meek, he loves to play and roll around with toys. He'll come up for some love and a snuggle, but then he wants to get down and curl up in a ball to fall asleep. This little guy loves to sunbathe in the window. He is great with other cats and kittens as well as dogs and babies.


meowmeowmans said...

They are really adorable! Showing my age a little, but I used to watch Thundercats. ("Thundercats ... Thundercats ... Thundercats ... HOOOOOOOH!") LOL

Thanks for stopping by, for your nice comments about Gizmo and Roxy, and for voting for Pepper. :)

Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

Tia, they are so cute. Hope they will be adopted very soon.