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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New kitty

Yes, another new kitty in our adoption program that we hadn't planned on taking in but this one had special circumstances. 

A primarily dog only rescue pulled a dog from a shelter and pulled a cat also - a super sweet and affectionate medium haired tuxedo boy about 4 months old.  Apparently the cat scratched someone as he was being dewormed and so the rescued said he was aggressive and was going to take him back to the kill shelter where they pulled him.  Fortunately, the vet clinic called us and we took him in. 

I must admit it is hard not to be too judgemental.  I mean are you kidding me? Cats are smarter than dogs when it comes to medicine.  With a dog, wrap a pill in a piece of bread, hot dog, anything and throw it to them and they will scarf it down and won't know they were dosed with medicine.  Cats will figure it out - they don't blindly catch things in their mouth!  My personal cats are super loving and affectionate, but break out the medicine and they will not cooperate and I may get scratched. Does that mean they are aggressive?  No, it means they don't want to take their medicine. 

There is nothing at all aggressive about this cat, he is the sweetest, affectionate, and loving kitty.  He's a "we'd trust him around a young child" kind of kitten.  Will get pictures of him up soon - we just got him last night.

So to the "rescue" that pulled him, we thank you for him and I'll stop there. 
**Now stepping off soapbox.**

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