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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Kitten Medical

We are a small rescue organization, but we don't shy away from the hard cases - really shy cats or feral kittens, very weak and sickly kittens, cats/kittens coming to us needing a lot of medical care.  Most of the time, we know before we take the cat/kitten in that it will need special medical and we're prepared to take it on.  As long as we have room to take the cat/kitten in, we will not turn it away just because it will require more than routine medical. 

This year so far there have been quite a few big vet bills:
  • Zammie, the cat with Ehlors-Danlos Syndrome, who's non-routine vet bills so far are close to $750 (or more)
  • Hayley Mills, our little miracle girl who was only 2 weeks old and weighed less than a pound but came through eye enucleation surgery (removal of eye) like a trooper.  She's still charging around like a trooper and won't sit still for a picture.  But oh, she is cuter than a ladybug!!
  • Then came Cassie, another occular unicorn, who we knew didn't have upper eyelids when we took her in (the person that found the kittens in the attic took them to the vet).  We knew that medical for Cassie would most likely be a huge expense over time, but we wouldn't turn her away because of that.  Although except from initial visits, most of her eye medical is delayed until she is 3-4 months old.
  • The Blue Jean Kittens (Levi, Strauss, Wrangler, and Lee) were very weak and had bad eyes when we took them.  Poor Wrangler has cataracts -- at only 8 weeks old.  The specialist at Animal Eye Care said it may resolve itself as he continues to get proper nutrition.  But these guys were in such bad shape when we got them, that they may very well have stunted growth - they are getting good nutrition, receiving medical treatment but are still very small for 8 weeks old.  
  • CeCe (itty bitty cow kitty), Cassie's sibling, has been to the vet three times in a week and had to undergo a procedure last week.  
  • Meredith Grey, of the Grey's Anatomy kittens, had surgery today for an encapsulated hernia and also required a partial bowel dissection. Meredith is 13 weeks old.
Couple of kittens went to vet yesterday (and a few more went to Animal Eye Care) and when Marie picks up kittens from vet yesterday and texts me the bill total, my text back to her was "call 911, I can't breathe".  I was just kidding but I had sticker shock.  We are so very thankful for our supporters because we don't have to turn away the tough medical cases and we are able to get all the "unusual" medical done.  (Although we will probably still be organizing a fundraiser soon to replenish the medical fund.)

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